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OC 2017


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Event description

The Outcomes Conference is an annual event hosted by FOTO, Inc. since 1999. It is a great opportunity to learn more about outcomes, as well as how FOTO's clients are managing the data collection process and benefitting from the resulting reports for marketing, contracting and managing clinical staff. There are also presentations from members of FOTO's Research Advisory Board, and it is a great opportunity to meet and spend time with the FOTO team. Attendees join the event to learn and network with others in the industry. Clinicians,management and administrative support staff all benefit from attending.


  • I enjoyed the ability to network with other FOTO users and to learn better how to implement FOTO in my practice. It was especially helpful to listen to presentations on current topics that had relevance not only to PT but to healthcare in general. The use of the app was really awesome, making it easy to view the schedule, presentations and take notes.

  • Fantastic speakers

  • One-on-one networking

  • The variety of the topics and speakers

  • Applicability of information to practice from numerous perspectives of financial, clinical, marketing, etc.... and opportunity to interact with all presenters, FOTO associates, and other users.

  • Opportunity to discuss process and use issues with other clinics of similar set up. knowing what FOTO is doing to address concerns regarding questions - like fear of pain, and research behind the questions to ensure that the questions meet statistical relevance for continued inclusion.

  • Everything was wonderful...interaction and networking was great

  • A few of the presenters really opened up my eyes as to the potential of FOTO, and to get a one-on-one meeting with Trish was great!

  • Timing of sessions, breakouts and location. Ability to get out and move about if needed. Presenters availability to talk to afterwards.

  • Common theme that ran through all presentations, helped to see the whole picture, while still providing specifics on how to get to the ultimate goal.

  • Networking with clients

  • Lunch outside, a facility that is based on conference rather than a hotel with a conference room, the app.

  • The opportunity to meet new and experienced FOTO users and learn from others. FOTO does a great job for the attendees with food and services.

  • Gaining a better knowledge about FOTO and how to better implement it in our clinics.

  • Networking, learning more about how to use FOTO, and being able to provide feedback about what we think should be improved "

  • Meeting the staff. FOTO specific lectures

  • I enjoyed the one-on-one sessions to be able to ask more questions.

  • Personal interaction with attendees and staff.

  • The passion of the FOTO staff. How well the conference was planned and executed.

  • Really enjoyed working with the FOTO staff. It is great to hear what other sites are doing with FOTO. Really liked the speaker from Canada - Linda Woodhouse and great job bringing in the Chair of APTA as keynote. I thought the food catering was well above typical conference standards, nice job. Mimi is the best!

  • The opportunity to find other clinicians and clinics that are in a similar situation to us.

  • The lectures were very impactful, especially Daniel Donnally. I will be showing his presentation to our clinicians at all staff meetings. It was a very powerful presentation that will assist in shifting provider mind-frame on FOTO and outcomes. I really enjoyed the Back to Basics as I was able to pick up recommendataions and other ideas as well as Nikki's vast knowledge. I have great take-aways to bring back and implement to our teams."

  • Professionalism of all talks.

  • Content and caliber of presentations and speakers. Helpfulness and congeniality of all FOTO staff.

  • Great combination of both style AND substance. A great value. The speakers didn't offer "fluff" or hype, but rather data and metrics.

  • The high quality info about rehab legislation and the Futures of PT was great. That's always my favorite part. The info about just how good FOTO is was extremely reinforcing and impressive.

  • Hearing from high performers.

  • Interaction w/ other clinicians and their outlook on FOTO and how to better utilize the tool. Also the presentations on how to engage staff and patients to get better outcomes and compliance.


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Conference Highlights

  • Join FOTO Foundations sessions
  • Learn from industry leaders: keynote presentations
  • Understand the science behind FOTO
  • Hear client success stories
  • Discover best business practices
  • Identify how to use your outcomes data for marketing
  • Network with all conference attendees including conference speakers and researchers
  • Earn CEU’s

2018 Presentations

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