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Are you a patient at a clinic that's asked you to use a FOTO survey to help track your progress?


Great! You're in excellent company. Six Million patients, like you, have helped their therapist better understand their progress and results using FOTO tools.


How should you proceed? Choose the option that best describes you.

  1. Looking to take an online assessment? This site isn't able to resend those links from your clinic.
    Please contact your clinic directly and ask them to send it to you. 
  2. Looking for information about why your clinic asked you to use this tool? We'd love to tell you more. Keep reading.

Put simply: FOTO measures for the quality of your care and the quality of your therapist. 

  • Based on your patient information, FOTO's predictive analytics tell your therapist a story about the potential speed and effectiveness of your therapy.
  • From this information, your therapist is able to design your custom plan of care.
  • Your real-life therapy performance is measured and benchmarked against the outcomes predicted in this plan. You'll take a few more assessments during your course of therapy and they each tell an important part of the story.
  • After your course of care is complete, FOTO assesses your real-life outcomes versus the predictions.
  • FOTO ranks clinicians on the likelihood of patients meeting or exceeding outcomes. This makes it easy for consumers like you to identify clinics that provide quality care in the areas you need it most.
  • Ask your therapist to show you FOTO's predictive outcomes and start an amazing conversation about the future state of you.

Remember, you're in the driver’s seat when it comes to choosing a rehab professional. Always choose the highest quality of care.


Your Input Your Results
  • Fast & Easy Computer Assessments
  • Questions specific to your condition
  • Answer based on WHAT YOU THINK
  • FOTO creates a report for your therapist to share with you
  • You get better faster
  • You have fewer visits
  • Less cost for you!