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Evidence In Motion & Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes Collaborate

October 13, 2008

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Louisville, KY - Evidence In Motion, a provider of physical therapy education and practice consultation, has formed a new alliance with Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO). FOTO provides an outcomes data collection service with risk-adjusted national comparisons of treatment effectiveness and efficiency and patient satisfaction. As part of this pairing, FOTO has adapted their system to be used in EIM's student education programs.

EIM, with FOTO's assistance, is incorporating the most up-to-date research with cutting edge technology to transform the way physical therapists are trained and educated. EIM's Orthopaedic Residency and Manual Physical Therapy Fellowship training programs include web-based educational "distance learning" platforms, complemented by on-site weekend intensives conducted at Network Partner locations and a thorough mentoring regimen. EIM focuses on evidence-based practice, which is why their relationship with FOTO is so beneficial.

FOTO is a medical rehabilitation company providing patient evaluation tools and aggregate data management services. FOTO is dedicated to standardizing industry communication about the effectiveness of patient care. Their database is the largest and most valid external directory for rehabilitation that measures functional outcomes for orthopedic, neurological, work hardening / work conditioning, pain management, cardiovascular and pulmonary, and pelvic floor dysfunction patients.

Ben Johnston, Jr. PT, FOTO's CEO and General Manager states that, "Valid measurement of patient reported outcomes becomes more meaningful to all stakeholders when correlated with evidence based research on clinical classification, techniques, and measurements. We at FOTO appreciate the opportunities inherent in this partnership."

Many members of EIM's faculty are recognized internationally for their contributions to education, research, and clinical practice. The faculty, paired with the most current and extensive medical resources provide Residents and Fellows with the opportunity to receive the highest caliber of training and to become distinguished leaders in evidence-based orthopaedic and manual physical therapy practice.

"Monitoring patient outcomes is no longer just a good idea but essential", according to Dr. Rob Wainner, one of EIM's founding partners and director of the EIM Othropaedic Residency Program. "FOTO has been a recognized leader in this field for many years; their system is the oldest independent system measuring outpatient outcomes. Their online entry system makes it feasible for anybody with an internet connection to collect patient oriented outcome data. We feel strongly that monitoring care provided by our residents and fellows is as important as monitoring their educational progress. FOTO has given us the ability to make monitoring outcomes for EIM residents and fellows a reality."

About FOTO:

FOTO is a Knoxville, TN, based corporation that has been continuously improving solutions that efficiently and reliably measure and report functional outcomes for the Rehab industry for 20 years. FOTO’s web-based solutions are risk-adjusted to enable fair and accurate measurement and predictions of the expected improvement in a patient’s functional status. Approximately 5 million patient surveys have been compiled in the FOTO database, and researchers have utilized FOTO data to publish over 85 articles on functional outcomes in refereed medical journals. These publications have led the way in enhancing the science of measuring outcomes and the use of outcomes in payment methodologies. FOTO is considered the standard in measuring functional outcomes in Rehabilitation.

For detailed information on the ruling or to learn more about the Patient Inquiry product, contact Judy Holder at 1.800.482.3686 x238

About Evidence in Motion:

Evidence in Motion exists to elevate the physical therapy profession and the role of physical therapists in health care delivery. Evidence in Motion is an education and business practice consultation company whose sole reason for existence is to create and promote a culture of evidence-based practice within the physical therapy profession. Evidence in Motion has put in place evidence-based practice treatment pathways in more than 150 facilities and aims to foster the global sharing of information and ideas, thus advancing evidence-based physical therapy practice, research, and education around the world. For more information on Evidence in Motion, please visit: www.EvidenceInMotion.com.