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FOTO Announces the D.L. Hart Memorial Outcomes Research Grant & Research Award Opportunities For Rehabilitation Researchers

The outcomes research grant and research award programs were developed to honor Dennis Hart PT, PhD who passed away in April of 2012. Dr. Hart was a functional outcomes measurement visionary.

Knoxville, TN (PRWEB) October 08, 2013

Dennis Hart

FOTO is pleased to announce two new exciting research opportunities: The D.L. Hart Memorial Outcomes Research Grant and The D.L. Hart Memorial International Research Award. The grant and award programs are named in honor of Dennis Hart PT, PhD who was FOTO's Director of Research and Development before his passing in April of 2012. Dr Hart was instrumental in the development of the FOTO outcomes data collection and reporting process that has become the standard in the industry. Dennis was a functional outcome measurement visionary for his leadership and expertise in the development and clinical application of rehabilitation functional outcome measures using modern psychometrics based on item response theory mathematics. Dennis enthusiastically collaborated with clinicians and researchers interested in the science of measuring outcomes in physical therapy and occupational rehabilitation. As a result of his hard work, there are now almost 100 articles published in peer-reviewed medical and professional journals using the FOTO database.

By establishing the D.L. Hart Memorial Outcomes Research Grant and D.L. Hart Memorial International Research Award, it is the desire of Ben Johnston and Al Amato, the co-founders of FOTO, to honor Dr Hart and acknowledge a lead author seeking grant funding for meritorious research project or has published an outstanding research article that expand upon the scholarly contributions and career of Dennis Hart.

Please see the FOTO website for detailed grant and award information and application processes.

About FOTO:

FOTO is a Knoxville, TN, based corporation that has been continuously improving solutions that efficiently and reliably measure and report functional outcomes for the Rehab industry for 20 years. FOTO's web-based solutions are risk-adjusted to enable fair and accurate measurement and predictions of the expected improvement in a patient’s functional status. Approximately 5 million patient surveys have been compiled in the FOTO database, and researchers have utilized FOTO data to publish over 85 articles on functional outcomes in refereed medical journals. These publications have led the way in enhancing the science of measuring outcomes and the use of outcomes in payment methodologies. FOTO is considered the standard in measuring functional outcomes in Rehabilitation.

For detailed information on the integration or to learn more about FOTO’s products and services, visit FOTO, Inc. or contact Judy Holder at 1-800-482-3686 x238.