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FOTO Forms Research Advisory Board

July 3, 2012

Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes Inc. (FOTO), a national leader in outcomes measurement and reporting for the Rehabilitation Industry, announces the establishment of a board of advisors which will focus on the establishment and management of data research objectives. The board will advise both FOTO's research staff and FOTO management. Specifically, the board will advise on;

  • The selection and performance of FOTO's Director of Research.
  • The data elements to be collected, the methods of data collection and measure development,
  • How the FOTO's data and measurement instruments meet current clinical research philosophies and needs.
  • How the FOTO data, measures and analysis are reported to FOTO stakeholders.
  • Future research needed for the improvement of patient management.

The initial Board members were recommended by Dennis L. Hart, PT, PhD, FOTO's first Director of Research, prior to his death, and following their acceptance, include:

FOTO Forms Research Advisory Board image

Karon Cook, PhD; Daniel Deutscher, PT, PhD, Julie Fritz, PT, PhD, ATC; Linda Resnik, PT, PhD; Ying-Chih Wang, OTR, PhD, Mark Werneke, PT (not pictured), Steven George. PT, PhD (not pictured)

For more information contact Ben E. Johnston, PT, CEO of FOTO, Inc. at 1-865-450-9699, extension 225 or ben@fotoinc.com.