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FOTO Report: Data Trends in U.S. Healthcare and Patient Rehabilitation

80% of U.S. Population Has Two or More Health Complications 

FOTO Database of 21 Million Patient Health Measures Provides Insight into Rehabilitation Trends

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -  February 27, 2018 - Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes, Inc. (FOTO) today announced results of its most recent analysis of U.S. physical health rehabilitation data: Data Trends in U.S. Healthcare & Patient Rehabilitation. The report examines physical health rehabilitation trends data from 2000-2017, pulled from FOTO’s database of 21 million patient assessments.

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FOTO’s analysis identified a disturbing trend: 80% of patients went into clinics already suffering from two or more concurrent medical complications in addition to the condition sought for treatment. Moreover, patients suffering from four or more concurrent medical complications increased 83% since 2005.

“Our findings speak volumes about the general health of our population in North America,” said Al Amato, MBA, PT, President of FOTO. “This increase in the medical complexity plays a major factor in cost of rehabilitation and patient success rates. As health insurance companies look to compensate healthcare professionals and clinics based on value-based payment models, adjusting for these prior medical complexities becomes critical. Therefore, FOTO has developed a sophisticated risk-adjustment algorithm to enable a more accurate prediction of clinical performance and patient outcomes.”

 The FOTO database of patient assessments shows that, for the past 5 years, the most frequent existing health complications among U.S. patients are: 

  • Back pain
  • Arthritis
  • High blood pressure
  • Prior surgery
  • Obesity

 FOTO’s research data has been cited in over 100 peer-reviewed medical journals and presented at 51 national healthcare conferences.

 About FOTO

Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes, Inc. (FOTO) has been continuously improving solutions to efficiently measure and reliably report patient functional outcomes for the physical rehabilitation industry for over 26 years. FOTO’s web-based measurement solutions are used by clinicians to determine fair and accurate risk-adjusted predictions of the expected improvement in patients’ functional ability.

More than 21 million patient assessments have been compiled in the FOTO database – one of the largest in North America.

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