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ReDoc Partners With FOTO

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Nashville,TN - (August 20, 2012) The Rehab Documentation Company, Inc. (TRDC), the leader in point of care documentation software for the rehab industry, has formed a new partnership with Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes, Inc.(FOTO). FOTO is the leader in outcomes measurement for the rehab industry. FOTO's web-based system suite consists of Patient Inquiry and Outcomes Manager. Patient Inquiry is designed to efficiently issue valid and reliable patient surveys. Outcomes Manager is an add-on product to supply organizations, clinics, and therapists with valid, apples-to-apples, risk-adjusted national comparisons of treatment effectiveness and efficiency as well as patient satisfaction. As part of this pairing, FOTO has adapted their system to be interoperable with TRDC ReDoc's Suite of products.

ReDoc, with FOTO's assistance, is incorporating the most up-to-date research with cutting edge technology to transform the way ReDoc users incorporate patient satisfaction, best practices and outcomes that meet and exceed various government and industry mandates.

FOTO is a medical rehabilitation company dedicated to standardizing industry communication about the effectiveness ofpatient care. Their database is the largest and most valid external directory for rehabilitation that measures functional outcomes for orthopaedic, neurological, work hardening /work conditioning, pain management, cardiovascular pulmonary and pelvic floor dysfunction patients.

Ben Johnston, Jr. PT, FOTO's CEO and General Manager states that,"FOTO is excited about partnering with ReDoc to better enable customers to measure outcomes and manage treatment quality. This partnership is the first of its kind in that ReDoc will provide FOTO's Patient Inquiry as an entry-level, integrated, and turn-key solution to efficiently comply with Medicare's proposed 2013 reimbursement regulations. ReDoc customers using the services in this partnership will be well prepared for the coming trends toward pay for performance reimbursement."

"At ReDoc we are extremely proud and enthusiastic to make the announcement of the ReDoc and FOTO partnership", says Gerry Stone, PT, M.Ed., Founder and Chief Clinical Officer of ReDoc Software." FOTO's structured data outcomes tools and massive comparative data base in combination with ReDoc's array of powerful software products is everything an outpatient therapy clinic will need to meet today's regulatory challenges."

About The Rehab Documentation Company, Inc. (TRDC):

TRDC is the leader in point of care documentation software for the rehab industry. Our line of ReDoc products is designed to address the clinical documentation and business needs of physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists throughout the continuum of care.

TRDC is a therapist owned and operated company with a mission to develop information technology tools that specifically meet the workflow processes of treating and managing patient documentation. Our applications are designed to interface with the multitude of other billing and larger hospital systems, to increase the efficiency, accuracy and productivity of the entire clinic. www.rehabdocumentation.com

About FOTO:

FOTO is a Knoxville, TN, based corporation that has been continuously improving solutions that efficiently and reliably measure and report functional outcomes for the Rehab industry for 20 years. FOTO’s web-based solutions are risk-adjusted to enable fair and accurate measurement and predictions of the expected improvement in a patient’s functional status. Approximately 5 million patient surveys have been compiled in the FOTO database, and researchers have utilized FOTO data to publish over 85 articles on functional outcomes in refereed medical journals. These publications have led the way in enhancing the science of measuring outcomes and the use of outcomes in payment methodologies. FOTO is considered the standard in measuring functional outcomes in Rehabilitation.

For detailed information on the ruling or to learn more about the Patient Inquiry product, contact Judy Holder at 1.800.482.3686 x238