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Calculate When You Achieve a Return on Investment with FOTO

Subscribing to FOTO is an investment.

Return on investment is somewhat tricky to calculate for an outcomes management system. This is because your return on investment includes non-financial aspects such as patient engagement. It also includes time savings: you no longer need to create reports or analyze multiple reports. If the system includes marketing tools, then less time will be spent creating outcomes related content.

Before we delve into return on investment, we’d like to share just a few details about FOTO.

FOTO is a web-based solution and does not pass on additional costs associated with upgrades. FOTO does not require you to maintain your own dedicated server.

All the benefits of FOTO are acquired in three easy steps: a patient completes an intake, a patient completes a final assessment and one of your staff closes the case. The cost of training is minimal and dependent upon how quickly your team consistently assures all three steps are completed for each and every patient treated in your organization.

How many clinics in your organization will use FOTO?

How many clinicians in your organization will use FOTO?

Are you a Private Practice Section or Women’s Health Section member of the APTA?

Yes No

Surpassing these business metrics leads to a return on your investment:

Cancel/No Show
New Episodes of

What is your organization’s average payment per visit?

Your organization is unique. We’ll need a little bit of information in order to calculate some helpful figures for you.

Let’s begin by focusing on your cancel/no show rate.

What is your organization’s average number of evaluations per year per clinician?

What is your organization’s average number of visits per episode of care?

What is your organization’s cancel/no show rate?


Cancel/No Show Rate:

FOTO provides Patient Specific Reports for your patients and clinicians.

These reports are designed to increase patient engagement.
Engaged patients tend to be active participants in their care.

What about your organization’s productivity?

What is your organization’s average clinician productivity?


FOTO requires three easy steps for your organization to maximize all that FOTO has to offer.

Clinicians will no longer need to spend time choosing outcome tools, scoring tools or interpreting results.

Patient Specific Reports track changes. Minimal detectable change and minimally clinical important improvement help clinicians make decisions. Clinicians have information at their fingertips alleviating the need to search for information.

FOTO integrates with many electronic medical record software companies reducing time spent moving between systems.

Marketing is an important component for business success.

Let’s look at return on investment focusing on new referrals.

Episodes of Care:

Third party measurement of quality increases trust.

FOTO provides marketing tools for you to reach members in your community: consumers, physicians and payers.

FOTO also provides Outcomes Excellence Awards when your organization exceeds the national average for four consecutive quarters.


You just learned only a small amount of change in your business metrics is required to lead to a high return on investment with FOTO.


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