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D.L. Hart Memorial Outcomes Research Grant

Trevor Lentz2018 D.L. Hart Memorial Outcomes Research Grant Award to Trevor A. Lentz, PT, PhD, MPH

Dave Walton2016 D.L. Hart Memorial Outcomes Research Grant Award to Dave Walton, PT, PhD

Dr. Pedro GozaloFirst D.L. Hart Memorial Outcomes Research Grant Award to Dr. Pedro Gozalo & Dr. Linda Resnik

Research Objectives

Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes, Inc. (FOTO) invites applications for the D.L. Hart Memorial Outcomes Research Grant. FOTO is seeking proposals that will lead to improvements in quality of care for patients with musculoskeletal or neurological conditions who are referred to clinical rehabilitation services e.g., physical, occupational, or speech therapy.  Specifically, FOTO will consider research proposals that address one or more of the following five priority areas:

  1. Observational studies including Practice-Based Evidence (PBE) research designs to identify associations between rehabilitation processes of care, controlling for patient risk factors, and patient reported functional outcomes or healthcare costs.
  2. Advancement of risk adjustment methods to control for potential confounders and enhance meaningful clinical interpretation of patient outcomes.
  3. Advancement of patient subgrouping classification methods to improve patient care management and outcomes.
  4. Advancement of Pay for Performance (P4P) or other value-based payment methods and models that are based on functional change and efficiency measures.
  5. Integration of patient reported outcome (PRO) measures during routine clinical practice to assess quality improvement and/or optimize clinical effectiveness.                     

Due Dates

October 15th:

FOTO is offering an optional service to screen potential research applications. Principal investigators are encouraged to submit an abstract of their study (1 page) for an initial screening by a member of FOTO’s Research Advisory Board (FRAB). To be considered for an early screening, an abstract of the study (1 page) must be received by October 15th. Abstracts should be submitted to Mark Werneke at mwerneke@fotoinc.com.

January 10th by 5 pm EST:

The funding is one funding cycle per year. The deadline for grant applications in the upcoming cycle is January 10th by 5 pm EST.

Submitting Your Application

The D.L. Hart Memorial Outcomes Research Grant Application is only available via online submission. If you are working as part of a team, we advise only one person handle completing the application and uploading required documents.  Please note, only PDF documents are allowed as attachments.

Apply Online Now


A maximum of $10,000 can be requested.  All correspondence is with the principal investigator (PI). Grants are awarded for 2 years.

Peer Review Process

Proposals will be subjected to an initial screening and a peer-review process. Only the highest quality projects will receive funding. The PI will receive final decisions regarding the grant proposal by May 15th.

Award Management

The award will be managed via FOTO.

For additional information regarding the grant research objectives, application requirements, grant timelines, peer review process, and the funding agreement for this research grant opportunity, please visit D.L. Hart Memorial Outcomes Research Grant Program Details.

Program Details

Contact Information

Questions regarding the D.L. Hart Memorial Outcomes Research Grant, including grant application and submission questions, can be sent to Mark Werneke at mwerneke@fotoinc.com.