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NQF and Public Access to FOTO Measures

The National Quality Forum provides the gold standard in quality measures endorsement and advises the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). To achieve endorsement, NQF requires intensive evaluation processes that ensure quality measures meet rigorous scientific standards for validity and reliability.

The NQF-endorsed FOTO quality measures are patient-reported outcome performance measures (PRO-PMs). The FOTO PRO-PMs

  • Are each based on a specific patient-reported outcome measure, developed using contemporary scientific methods, which forms the basis for the PRO-PM;
  • are risk adjusted so that providers’ performance may be compared fairly - e.g., providers seeing the sicker or more complex patients are placed on a level playing field with other providers;
  • are compared separately by patient condition and then risk adjusted using advanced methods which account for individual variables within the following categories of patient characteristics: age, gender, acuity, severity level, medical complexity, payer type, surgical history, post-surgical status/type, exercise history, medication use, history of previous treatment;
  • have extensive validity and reliability analyses established on both the patient-level and the provider-level.

Public access to NQF-Endorsed FOTO PRO-PMs and QCDR measures are provided here:

NQF-Endorsed FOTO PRO-PMs are additionally endorsed by CMS in the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). CMS requires MIPS measure specifications to be housed on the CMS Quality Payment Program website and may be accessed here https://qpp.cms.gov/mips/explore-measures/quality-measures under Clinical Quality Measure Specifications.