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    Free public access to additional components of the Shoulder PRO-PM

    In addition to the measure specifications (above), the Shoulder Functional Status (FS) patient-reported outcome measure (PROM) and the Shoulder Risk Adjustment Coefficients are additional components of this measure. The PROM and Coefficients components are available via two options: Automated and Manual.


    The Automated option provides computer adaptive test (CAT) administration of the PROM and standardized patient questions toward risk adjustment. Scoring results are provided on the last screen of the assessment. The Automated option is recommended because it reduces provider and patient burden.


    For circumstances in which it is not feasible to use the Automated option, such as in the presence of a lack of internet access, we also provide components for Manual administration and scoring calculation steps via the Shoulder FS PROM Short Form and a document containing the Shoulder PRO-PM Risk Adjustment Coefficients.


    For both the Automated and Manual options, the questions in the measure are to be answered independently by the patient, without coaching or other influence by the provider. Providers and other users of these components are expected to be familiar with and adhere to the Standards of Administration for FOTO measures provided HERE.


    The components of the Shoulder PRO-PM are available free of charge for non-commercial uses in the context of individual clinical practice, i.e., patient-level measurement, including but not limited to for the purposes of participation in CMS Quality Payment Programs such as MIPS. For any commercial or other type uses, such as incorporation of the measure components into a product or service, Contact FOTO to determine whether a license agreement may be required. 


    Once you register here, you will be given access to the Licensing Agreement and the measure components. Be sure to read carefully the Licensing Agreements to insure your intended use complies with the Agreement. If it does not, such as if you intention is for commercial use, or if you are unsure, Contact FOTO.


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