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Understanding the Research Introduction

Prepared by Mark Werneke, PT, MS, Dip.MDT

Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes, Inc. (FOTO) offers an extensive and growing library of published peer reviewed articles supporting FOTO’s basic objectives to assess the physical functional ability of patients attending rehabilitation services. FOTO developed state of the art patient self-report outcome measures to assess patient, clinician, and clinic performance using a robust and sophisticated risk adjusted analytical model. The primary purpose for FOTO’s objectives is to assist clinicians in providing their patients with the highest quality of care and value i.e., achieving effective outcomes efficiently. FOTO has compiled the largest reference library and stands alone compared with any other national or international outcomes management companies. In addition, FOTO has amassed over 7 million complete rehabilitation episodes of care in the FOTO database. FOTO is being used by over 23,250 clinicians and over 5,200 clinics within all 50 states in the U.S. and is also the outcomes management company of choice in Maccabi Healthcare Services, the 2nd largest health provider in Israel.

The FOTO library currently consists of over 100 peer-reviewed published articles. To assist the reader in digesting the large amount of published data and information within the FOTO library, references have been organized both by research topics and alphabetically. The research topics follow a logical trend from development of the FOTO patient reported outcome measures (PROM), computer adaptive testing methods for administering the measures, psychometric properties, explanation and use of risk adjustment for interpreting FOTO’s observational data, integration of FOTO data with electronic medical records, and clinical applications and interventions using FOTO measures during every day clinical practice. In addition, the Introduction offers a brief summary of topics and frequently asked questions by clinicians, researchers, payers, and policy makers interested in FOTO’s outcome and performance data.