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AthletiCo Measuring Patient Outcomes and Satisfaction

Learn How Customers Use FOTO

Michelle Young shares her experience with FOTO."FOTO has helped us recognize our strengths and weaknesses as individual clinicians and as a group. Monitoring outcomes has enabled us to identify our weaknesses and turn them into opportunities for learning and growth by mentoring clinicians and sparking  in-service topics. As a result we have all improved and our outcomes attest to this.  FOTO has become part of this clinic’s culture and has made us all more effective at addressing patient’s functional limitations and more efficient at making clinical decisions regarding treatment and discharge."

Michelle Young, PT, OCS, Cert. MDT
Valley Health Outpatient Rehabilitation Services at Winchester Medical Center, Staff PT & Team Leader

"We invested in using FOTO about 9 years ago. We really found it valuable for our clinicians to understand their patients better and to measure patient improvement.

We’ve taken our outcomes and worked with a local payer on a value based model that rewards our practices in terms of reimbursement – a portion of that is based on our outcomes with FOTO."

Craig Johnson, PT, MBA
Therapy Partners, Director of Clinical Integrations

Daphne Scott share her FOTO experience."FOTO removes the dartboard approach we have in rehabilitation. FOTO supports clinicians in being better prognosticators. FOTO provides the ability to relate with the patient to manage expectations and create stronger relationships between the provider and the patient."

Daphne Scott, PT, DSc, MAPP
Daphne Scott Leadership Life

"80% of our business is consumer driven… direct access… We’ve done a number of different things to use FOTO to reach out to the community directly through speaking, through social media, through word of mouth. Every time we email somebody, we have on the bottom our outcomes to let them know what we’re doing: that we’re nationally ranked and locally owned in the MidSouth."

David Grigsby, MPT, Cert. MDT 
MidSouth Orthopaedic Rehab, Owner

"Having FOTO has really paid off. Since 2010 we have been working with a pilot program with our biggest payer in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, the twin cities. We have had a great result in being able to show value with our patient care and develop a risk management system by collecting data on each patient with this specific payer to show value. As a result, our episodic payment was a low value in 2010 and we’ve seen a $33 raise per visit by sharing our FOTO data with the payer. For 2016 they’ve already given us another raise."

J.W. Matheson, PT, DPT, MS, SCS, OCS, CSCS
Catalyst Sports Medicine, President/Clinic Director

"FOTO is a dynamic outcomes tool that allows our therapists to engage the patients in improving their functions and allows us as therapists to help them to return to a not necessarily back to their prior level of function but even perhaps even beyond that to an improvement to do things they haven’t done in a long time.

FOTO gives us also the opportunity to better ourselves as therapists as well. By giving us our outcomes we can see where our dysfunctions are as therapists to go beyond and reeducate ourselves so we can provide the best opportunities for our patients and the public.

Overall, we want to make sure that we are providing the optimal care. FOTO can help that by giving us the materials and data that is risk adjusted across all FOTO users so we can compare ourselves to everybody and make sure we are giving the best that we can give.

Internally we are using the data from the widgets to recognize the top FOTO users and give them rewards.

We have managing educators and mentors that go around to a lot of our younger therapists as well as some of the older therapists, but mainly younger therapists as they’re coming on board. We want them to be on par with how we think the treatment should be for all of our patients. FOTO helps us to manage those therapists because it allows us to see where these therapists have deficiencies. FOTO helps us to do that in the outcomes that are seen on a quarterly basis that FOTO provides for us."

Jody Swearingen, PT, DPT, OCS, STC, COMT
Results Physiotherapy, Manager of Clinical Information Technology

"FOTO provides me a report that allows me to more quickly engage patients in their care. I feel like I am able to give them hope and provide them with realistic expectations. The information in the report allows me to more quickly make important clinical decisions that impact their lives: to provide treatment, to recommend further diagnostic testing or to refer to a specialist."

Selena Horner, PT, MS, GCS
Red Cedar Physical Therapy, Owner

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